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2024 Spring Collections Sneak Peek
Spring is in the air, and we are thrilled to unveil our latest collections that will breathe fresh life into your living spaces. To help us launch our Spring Collections, we brought in new, delicious flavors of our Cocktail Infusion Kits and named our collections after their corresponding flavor. Explore the enchanting themes of Blueberry Jalapeno, Strawberry Shrub, French Mimosa, and Watermelon Mojito, each offering a unique blend of colors, textures, and styles to elevate your home decor.
Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts for Him
Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the men in your life? Look no further! We have curated a list of 15 unique and stylish items that are sure to impress this holiday season. Read on to discover the perfect gift for that special man.
Holiday Gift Guide-Stocking Stuffers

Are you looking for unique and exciting stocking stuffer gift ideas to surprise your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further! We have curated a list of fun and delightful gifts that are sure to bring joy and laughter to anyone's holiday festivities. From quirky dish towels to delicious drink kits, these stocking stuffers are guaranteed to make the holiday season even more memorable.

Holiday Gift Guide- For the Fashionista
Are you searching for the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life? Look no further! We have curated a list of stunning and stylish accessories that are sure to impress. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets to jewelry boxes, our holiday gift guide has something for every fashion-forward individual. Read on to discover our top picks for this season.
Holiday Gift Guide- For the Homebody
Looking for the perfect gifts for the homebody in your life? Look no further!
If you have a loved one who loves to cozy up at home, we have curated a list of 15 amazing gifts that will make their holiday season even more special. From warm and cozy blankets to elegant home decor, these gifts are sure to bring joy and comfort to any homebody. Read on to discover our top picks for this holiday season.
Holiday Gift Guide- For the Hostess
Are you looking for the perfect gift for the hostess in your life? Whether she loves to throw dinner parties, cocktail hours, birthday parties, or just a backyard BBQ, we have curated a list of gifts that she will absolutely adore. Show your appreciation for her hospitality and thoughtfulness with these unique and practical gift ideas.
Christmas 2023 Collection Sneak Peek
Introducing our Enchanting Christmas Collections to Transform Your Home The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more thrilled to give you a sneak peek at our brand new Christmas collections that...
Fall 2023 Collections Sneak Peek

While boasting some saturated jewel tones our Fall 2023 Collections stay balanced with the addition of soft neutrals and comforting textures. Check out the sneak peek below and let us know which collection you're most excited to see.

Spring 2023 Collection Sneak Peek
Although the store is beautiful at Christmas, by the time January rolls around, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Spring Collections. Bright greenery, freshly bloomed florals, light & airy scents, and gentle color palettes take over our displays. The arrival of our Spring Collections also means the arrival of brand new products- which feels like a second Christmas all over again! 
This year's collections range from bright & cheery, to warm & earthy, to cool & contemporary. Keep reading to learn more about these beautiful collections. 
Blue Dahlia Designs will be closed February 6th & 7th in order to transform the store for spring. Our Spring Collections will be live in store and online on Wednesday, February 8th. 
Winter 2022 Home Decor Trends
As the seasons change, certain trends come to the forefront of home décor. While bright colors and bold accents were a favored trend in the spring and summer months, the cooler temperatures lend themselves to a slightly different aesthetic. Warm neutrals, delicate details, and nature inspired patterns provide us with the elements to create a romantic design style.  
Christmas 2022 Collections Sneak Peek

This year's curated collections bring those nostolgic memories back in displays of color and texture. In order to transform the store for the holidays, Blue Dahlia Designs will be closed Sunday, October 30th-Thursday, November 3rd. Our Christmas Collections will be live in store and online Friday, November 4th.

Find Your Interior Design Style

Interior Design is categorized into many different design styles that are each unique and can be differentiated by certain design aspects. While there can be crossover between two or more styles, the combination of elements helps to determine a room's design style. Over the past few decades, quite a few new design styles have emerged, but most of them stem from 6 main styles: Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Minimalist, Eclectic, and Modern. 

Fall 2022 Collections Sneak Peek

“Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

-Stanley Horowitz

Autumn ‘s deep rich colors herald a time of contentment and friendships. There is nothing better than the cooling breezes of the wind on long walks through brilliantly colored fall leaves and jeweled tone florals, or the smell of woodsmoke that surrounds the laughter of friends feasting on smores around a campfire. The change of lighter fare is replaced by the taste of the richer flavors of farm fresh pumpkins, squash, and apples in your favorite recipes.

This is our vision for our Autumn collections, that deeper jewel-toned saturations of color that evoke the cozy, nestle-in vibe that the season ushers in. It is a mosaic array of vibrant color that pulls in a wide range of tones and textures!  

Enjoy the feeling our collections evoke and let us know what you think!


A Quick Guide To Modern Design

Modern Design is identified by it’s clean, straight lines, monochromatic palette, and clutter free space. With sleek appliances, minimal décor, and low furniture, modern design feels almost futuristic. Chrome and stainless steel are paired with concrete accents and sleek wood or marble.

A Quick Guide To Contemporary Design

Contemporary design follows current styles and trends and is often morphing into a new version of itself. With simple shapes and clean lines, Contemporary design is bright and bold. A wide range of neutrals are accented with a loud pops of color. Contemporary design pairs well with open floor plans and large scale prints.

A Quick Guide To Transitional Design

Transitional Design is defined as a balance between traditional and modern styles. With cleaner silhouettes and more muted colors, transitional style takes the classic pieces of traditional design and updates them for a more casual feel. Wood tones are lighter and often lacquered, while fabrics are tonal and textured.

A Quick Guide To Minimalist Design

Minimalist design combines functionality with beauty. Light spaces pair with soft hues and sleek modern décor. This style uses neutral wood tones, simple lines, and a blend of textures to create a welcoming space. 

A Quick Guide To Eclectic Design

Eclectic Design is made up of layers of pattern, texture, and color. To create this relaxed look, use saturated colors, layered eclectic patterns, mixed metallics, and plenty of personality. Textures are used throughout including rattan, wicker, wood, macrame, and botanicals. The key to making this style look effortless relies on the principles of design, especially balance, rhythm, proportion, and scale.

A Quick Guide To Traditional Design

Traditional Design is recognized by its dark woods, ornate detailing, and elegant styling. This style has stood the test of time and is considered a classic. Antiques and family heirlooms are paired with tufted furniture, wall and ceiling moldings and details and are often paired with jewel tones or warm neutral colors. Accent pieces are made of marble, brass, and carved woods.

Emerging Home Décor Trends of 2022

The beginning of a new year brings with it new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and upcoming trends. While trends may come and go, we like to look at ways to incorporate them into our designs in a timeless and chic way. This year, two words came to mind as we investigated 2022’s upcoming trends: Sanctuary, and Statement. Now those two words may seem total opposites, so let us look into them further.

Spring 2022 Collections
Spring brings soft colors, textures, and beautiful florals. Our new collections reflect that with soft pampas grass, woven wicker, and stunning shades of eucalyptus, cerulean, mauve, taupe, mustard, and more.