Spring 2023 Collection Sneak Peek

Spring 2023 Collection Sneak Peek Curated by Blue Dahlia Designs
Although the store is beautiful at Christmas, by the time January rolls around, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Spring Collections. Bright greenery, freshly bloomed florals, light & airy scents, and gentle color palettes take over our displays. The arrival of our Spring Collections also means the arrival of brand new products- which feels like a second Christmas all over again! 
This year's collections range from bright & cheery, to warm & earthy, to cool & contemporary. Keep reading to learn more about these beautiful collections. 
Blue Dahlia Designs will be closed February 6th & 7th in order to transform the store for spring. Our Spring Collections will be live in store and online on Wednesday, February 8th. 
Spring 2023 Collection: In Full Bloom
Replicating the bright blooms of spring, our collection In Full Bloom, brings a range of bright colors, carved wood, and fringe details. 
Spring 2023 Collection: Sienna Dusk
Earthy colors and textures are the basis of our Sienna Dusk collection. Moody shades of rose, plum, and terracotta pair with dark woods, mother of pearl, and earthenware. 
Spring 2023 Collection: Sapphire Skies
This cool & contemporary palette pairs structured patterns with abstract prints. Pops of gold mix with soft floral elements.
What colors remind you most of spring? Do any of these collections transport you to the warmer months ahead? 
Stay tuned for a look into some trends we are loving this spring season.  

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