A Quick Guide To Modern Design

A Quick Guide To Modern Design

Modern Design is identified by it’s clean, straight lines, monochromatic palette, and clutter free space. With sleek appliances, minimal décor, and low furniture, modern design feels almost futuristic. Chrome and stainless steel are paired with concrete accents and sleek wood or marble.


Modern design utilizes a neutral color palette full of high contrast. Bright punches of white pair with moody blacks and greys, and are topped off with warm beiges. Color can be found in deep tones to help bring that contrast. 

Modern Design Color Palette


When patterns are used in modern design, they are typically large scale geometrics. While most fabrics may not have any patterns on them, you can see pattern in elements such as flooring, tile, and accent pieces. Modern Design Patterns


 The fabrics used in modern design are simple, blending into the rest of the design. Leathers, linens, and suedes are commonly used because of their minimal texture. 

Modern Design Fabrics


 The finishes used in modern design help to define the style. Metals used include chrome, black powder coated, and oil rubbed bronze. Steel, concrete, and marble are used on walls, floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Light woods are used in many different ways with this design style. 

Modern Design Finishes
Architectural Elements

Architectural elements stand out in modern design. While the details aren't ornate in design, they stand out for the new and industrious way they are designed. Open floor plans use accent walls to separate spaces, using the contrast of two different materials to make them stand apart. These elements are striking and bold, and clean lines are paired with industrial touches. 

Modern Design Architectural Elements


Modern design utilizes low profile furniture characterized with clean lines and curves. Made from different materials such as teak, leather, concrete, or marble, these pieces are unique in design. Pieces with closed storage are a great use of space while keeping clutter from being seen. 

Modern Design Furniture


Less is more when it comes to accessories in modern design. Pillows and blankets are kept to a minimum in order to let the clean silhouettes of the furniture shine. Accent pieces are often abstract shapes in a bright chrome or gold. Bookshelves are decorated with books, a few pieces of décor, and plenty of white space. 

Modern Design Accessories

Interior Design styles often transform into other, similar styles. Modern design is also similar to Contemporary design, Transitional design, Minimalist design, Industrial design, Organic Modern design, as well as Mid-Century Modern design. 
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