2024 Home Decor Trends

2024 Home Decor Trends

I’m not sure what it is about the new year that makes me want to redecorate my home, but without fail, it happens every year. While I am not one to follow and change my décor with each fad, I do find that there is plenty of inspiration found in examining the upcoming trending styles. Follow along with me as I dissect some of the trends that we predict will be popular in 2024, and gain insight on how to incorporate small touches into your home.


Each year we get to see a new take on classic Interior Design styles, and 2024 is no different. These new takes give us a fresh perspective on design styles that could easily look old and outdated.

Quiet Luxury

The first design style trending this year is “Quiety Luxury” This trend embraces the concept of understated opulence, where small intricacies elevate the overall feel of a space without compromising its effortless charm. It combines classic design elements with integrated technology and sustainable materials. Think raw edge stone countertops, intricate plumbing fixtures, unexpected use of wallpaper, and layering luxurious yet vintage textiles. This design style follows last year’s trending romantic elements. With a nod to the Victorian Era, expect to see delicate wallpaper murals, detailed trim, bows, lace, and even maximalist florals. This trend is all about savoring life’s little pleasures.

One noticeable change you can make to embrace this trend is by steering away from an accent wall, and instead, consider using the same feature on all walls, such as wallpapering the entire room, installing paneling on all walls, or painting walls, trim, and doors in the same color. While each of these installations make a statement, they do so in a more understated and sophisticated way.


Quiet Luxury Home Decor
Quiet Luxury Home Decor
Modern Maximalism

After years of Minimalism  being a forefront trend in design, we are finally seeing a trend towards Maximalism. For those seeking self-expression and a sense of joy, modern maximalism is the perfect style to embrace. While some may interpret Maximalism as filling your home with an excessive amount of items and contrasting colors and patterns, this updated trend encourages whimsical and playful elements that bring a sense of joy and delight to your home. Dubbed “Dopamine Décor”, this trend is all about embracing bold and vibrant elements to infuse your space with personality and creating a unique and lively atmosphere.

Executing this trend can be harder than you think. While Modern Maximalism is all about embracing self-expression, it can easily be overwhelming. The key to making this style look effortless relies on the principles of design, especially balance, rhythm, proportion, and scale. Stay tuned for a blog post on Maximalism.


Modern Maximalism Home Decor
Dopamine Decor
Dopamine Decor

While the past few years have favored muted tones and many neutrals, 2024 will bring the revival of color (and I for one am thrilled!) This past Christmas featured a touch of jewel tones, and we will be seeing more of these colors in 2024. Intense blues, dark reds, dazzling purples, and deep greens will be accompanied by a warm amber in this refreshed palette.

Jewel Tone Home Decor

Keeping with the revival of color, muted tones will become the new neutrals, featuring soft blues, sage green, dusty rose, buttery yellow, and soft peach. Check out more about the resurgence of color in our Colors of the Year blog.

Muted Colored Home Decor

Neutrals will always be a popular choice in home décor and that isn’t changing in 2024. With a lean towards more warm tones, we will see colors like Parisain gray, ivory, soft blacks, and chocolate browns providing a comforting backdrop.

Warm Neutral Home Decor



When it comes to accents, 2024 is all about the details. We expect to see a resurgence in wood grain millwork, often in rich woods like walnut, maple, and mahogany. This trend will add character and warmth to your home while feeding into the “quiet luxury” trend.

Wood Grain Millwork

Bold Lighting Fixtures will steal the show, with oversized chandeliers, sculptural fixtures, and intricate details serving as statement pieces that infuse personality into any room.

Bold Light Fixtures

Textures will play a significant role in creating visual interest, with fluted details, rich fabrics, textured walls, natural wood, and raw edge stone accents adding depth and tactility.

Heavy Textures in Home Decor

Chunky décor accents, such as oversized vases, sculptural accessories, and curved furniture, will provide a playful sophistication to your space.

Oversized Accents in Home Decor

Additionally, mixed metals will continue to be on-trend, with brass remaining a classic choice and chrome, steel, and aluminum enjoying their moment in the spotlight.


Mixed Metals in Home Decor

In 2024, home décor trends are all about embracing color, bold accents, and a blend of classic and modern styles. Whether you opt for the understated opulence of small intricacies or the self-expression of modern maximalism, these trends will bring a sense of vibrancy and playfulness to your living spaces. So, get ready to transform your home into a haven that reflects your unique personality and style.

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