Christmas 2022 Collections Sneak Peek

Christmas 2022 Collections Sneak Peek

The holidays seem to arrive sooner and sooner each year, and while normally it makes me feel rushed, this year I've decided to embrace the coming season and all of the joyful, comforting, and beautiful moments that come with it. Maybe instead of pushing off these moments until it is finally "Christmas season", we take the extra time to truly enjoy that feeling of blissful nostalgia and the traditions we have created with family and friends. There is something special in the air during the holidays that makes these moments extra special. 

Some of my favorite memories are centered around the holidays, such as heading to the Christmas tree farm to choose the perfect tree and decorating it at my grandparents house, fighting my cousins for the last slice of my grandpa's famous pies (strawberry rhubarb is the best and you can't convince me otherwise), dancing to my mom's collection of Christmas CDs with my siblings while helping my mom cover the entire house with holiday decor, receiving a gift bag filled with my grandma's homemade treats, especially her brown bread and pumpkin butter, and waking up to my grandpa's stollen on Christmas morning. With so many amazing memories tied to this season, why wouldn't I want to extend it as long as possible and welcome it with arms wide open? So here's to embracing the season, even when it feels early. 


This year's curated collections bring those nostolgic memories back in displays of color and texture. In order to transform the store for the holidays, Blue Dahlia Designs will be closed Sunday, October 30th-Thursday, November 3rd. Our Christmas Collections will be live in store and online Friday, November 4th.

Join us for an exclusive VIP Event on Thursday, November 3th from 6pm-9pm. Not only will you be the first to shop our new Christmas Collections, but you will receive 20% off your entire purchase that night! Tickets to our Holiday Private Preview Event are $10 each, and ticket proceeds will be donated to Operation Food Search. Wine and light snacks will be provided, as well as one of our specialty cocktails! Purchase your tickets in store, online or over the phone. Limited tickets available; tickets are non-refundable. 


Juniper Grove Christmas Collection Mood Board
Our collection, Juniper Grove reminds me of when I was young and we would head to a Christmas tree farm with my family and all I could see for miles were beautiful trees waiting to find the perfect home. With frosted pine, juniper branches, wooden accents, and a touch of feathers, this collection brings me back to that moment. 
Sugar and Spice Christmas Collection Mood Board
My family has quite a few avid bakers in it and the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is their time to shine. Cookie recipies passed down from generations, special Christmas stollen, pumpkin butter, and brown bread fill these moments and make them feel extra special to share with our loved ones. Our collection Sugar and Spice brings together the shades of cinnamon, mocha, and nutmeg with gold metallic accents. This collection looks as sweet as the holiday treats. 
Frosted Woodlands Christmas 2022 Collection Mood Board
Living in St. Louis all of our lives, we are no stranger to snow. One of the things my siblings and I looked forward to during the holiday season were snow days. Our parents would take us to a big hill in my aunt's subdivision surrounded by snow covered trees and we would spend the day sledding down the hill, followed by hot chocolate back at our house. The untouched snow the morning after a heavy snowfall is still one of my favorite sights. Our Frosted Woodlands collection takes those shades of white, cream, and ivory and blends them with just a touch the textures of nature and of course, a little bit of sparkle.  
All That Glitters Christmas Collection 2022 Mood Board
A holiday that I feel often takes a backseat when we think of the holiday season is New Years Eve. The excitement of begining a new year has always been a favorite of mine. Even now, as my family all celebrates the change to the new year separately, we make sure to call each other to wish our loved ones a happy new year, and it might be one of my favorite memories. Our collection, All That Glitters features a palette of black and mixed metal accents. Shades of copper, bronze, silver, and gold add the excitement to this collection. 
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or memories? Do any of these collections transport you to those moments? Let us know in the comments below. 
Stay tuned for a look into the trends of the Christmas season!

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