A Quick Guide To Contemporary Design

A Quick Guide To Contemporary Design

Contemporary design follows current styles and trends and is often morphing into a new version of itself. With simple shapes and clean lines, Contemporary design is bright and bold. A wide range of neutrals are accented with loud pops of color. Contemporary design pairs well with open floor plans and large scale prints.

Contemporary Design


Contemporary design is known for its color palette that emphasizes bold pops of color. Cool greys, blacks, and bright whites help to balance out the accent colors. 

 Contemporary Design Color Palette


 Patterns used in contemporary design are used to draw your eye to part of the room, just like with pops of color. These patterns are used in bold scales with crisp lines and are usually geometric, abstract, or some form of simple shapes. 

 Contemporary Design Patterns


Contemporary design uses clean, luxurious fabrics that give an elegant touch to each space. Linens, silks, leathers, and faux furs are paired for added texture. Suede and velvet are also used for a plush accent.

Contemporary Design Fabrics


 Contemporary design uses a lot of dark, cool woods, stone, and exposed brick. Mixed metals are used a lot with this style, often including at least one high shine material. Glass is also used, in both opaque and clear versions. Marble or granite are used in cool, and typically grey, tones. 

 Contemporary Design Finishes

Architectural Elements

 Sleek lines and bold concepts help define the architectural elements in contemporary design. These elements are used to create a statement in the room that will draw attention. Accent walls, large two-story windows, and glass panel walls are just a few.

Contemporary Design Architectural Elements


 Curved or sloped arms are found on many furniture pieces in contemporary design. Upholstered pieces are typically adorned with textural fabrics rather than patterns. Other furniture is made from wood, concrete, stone, brass, iron, and even a mix of two or more materials. 

Contemporary Design Furniture


 Contemporary design uses accessories to make a statement. Oversized, impactful artwork and large décor pieces are used as conversation starters and are full of personality. Drapery treatments are crisp and classic, keeping a simple silhouette and usually spanning from floor to ceiling. 

Contemporary Design Accessories

Interior Design styles often transform into other, similar styles. Contemporary Design is similar to transitional design as well as modern
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    Great article and quiz on Your Design Style in the Kirkwood City Lifestyle magazine. 4 out of 6 of the quiz questions were a 3 for me – - Contemporary – - no surprises there :) And, thank you for helping me these last couple years pick out just the right pieces for my home.

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