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2024 Home Decor Trends
I’m not sure what it is about the new year that makes me want to redecorate my home, but without fail, it happens every year. While I am not one to follow and change my décor with each fad, I...
Light It Right: Accent Lighting
Accent Lighting is almost like the jewelry of lighting. It highlights aspects of your home that you want to stand out. Whether it's artwork, your fireplace, or some shelving, accent lighting is used to help create or accentuate a focal point in your room. Accent lighting should be a more concentrated form of light, usually three times the general illumination level. 
Light it Right: Task Lighting
Task lighting focuses on function. When looking at your room, determine what types of activities will be performed in this space. Task lightning is used to illuminate those areas where finer tasks are being completed such as reading, writing, food prep, and more. By adding focused lighting to these areas, it should prevent glare and eyestrain, making everyday activities easier. 
Light it Right: Ambient Lighting

Lighting, when done well, makes a statement in a home and can truly change it from average to extraordinary. When choosing the lighting for your home, there are quite a few things to consider: What is the purpose of the room? How much natural light does the room receive? Are there any focal points that should stand out? What type of lighting should be used?

The last question is one that can make the biggest difference. There are three general types of lighting- ambient, task, and accent. Which is the best? The answer is a mixture of all three.