Using Color Cohesively in Your Home

Are you afraid of using color in your home because you're worried about making it flow? Don't be! A different color in each room can be both striking and cohesive!
It's simple, let's break it into an easy ratio- 6:3:1. Start with your main color. In our picture above, its a deep teal. This color will cover around 60% of our room. In our example room we have deep teal on our walls, our sofa, and in our accessories. Next, you want to bring in an accent color in 30% of your room, so we have a yellow chair, ottoman, throw, and accessories. Lastly, throw in a third color to keep the room from seeming two-toned. Use this color in 10% of the room. In this room we have red in our pillows, lampshade, and accessories. 
It's best to keep your colors to a minimum which is why we recommend using three. You want to make an impact without overwhelming the room. That being said, neutrals such as black, tan, gray, cream, and white should not be factored into your three choices when used in small doses. Also, don't be afraid to use art or accents that have a variety of colors because they are going to only make up 1% or less of the total color of the room.
Now, the part most people find tricky is blending multiple rooms in their house together. Again, it's much easier than you think! Take at least one of the colors in your first room and bring it into the adjoining room. You can use that color as the 60%, 30%, 10%, or even the 1% or less. Just including one of your previous colors will allow your eyes to make the connection and give your home a more cohesive look.
Here are a few more examples of rooms designed using the 6:3:1 ratio.
So don't be afraid of bringing bold colors into you home. Color transforms your space and dictates the overall feel of your rooms. 
Fill your life with color! What's your favorite three color combination?

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