Fall 2021 Trends in Home Decor

Along with the changing temperatures, each season brings a few new trends to the home décor industry. While some trends can have a very short life span, we like to focus on the trends that we feel can become a permanent part of your home décor. Keep reading to find out why we love these three new trends for Fall 2021.


Reactive Glaze

reactive glaze pottery

While reactive glaze is a fairly new trend, the technique has been used by potters and artisans for a long time. Reactive glaze is the process in which variegation is added to the piece by the use of special agents in the glaze that undergo a chemical reaction during the firing stage. These reactions result in unusual variations in color and texture, giving each piece its unique finish. Different agents used can include crystal growth, speckling agents, layering, thickness variations, translucent glazes, and phase separation. 

reactive glaze

Some reactive glaze results include 2 or more colors blending together, crackles and spreading pigments, and under color showing faintly though holes or cracks in the overlay color, just to name a few. 

reactive glaze home decor trend

We are seeing this trend used on dinnerware, planters, vases, and more! Its easy to spot due to the varying colors that almost seem to seamlessly shift into each other. From a black glaze that seems almost a midnight blue with streaks of terracotta, to a blue/green glaze that has a more defined shift.

reactive glaze

This trend can be pretty universal, and often the shape of the pottery will determine the design style of the piece. 


What we're loving about this trend:

"Reactive glaze ensures that each piece is totally unique from the one next to it. I love all of the different textures and designs you can get from this technique."


"I love color, so seeing these reactive glazes blending a mix of colors is right up my alley!"

- Angie


What to be on the lookout for in order to utilize this trend for timeless décor:

- If you're blending some of these pieces into your current décor, find one with similar coloring to your current palette. The uniqueness of the glaze will bring the pop of interest without overpowering your current décor.

- This glaze is usually dishwasher and oven safe, which means its perfect for dinnerware or serving dishes! We love the use of it for charcuterie dishes.

- Like any trend, the key to keeping your pieces timeless is not to over do it. Find a few pieces that you love and that have purpose in your décor, and stick to those. 


Natural Elements

natural agate coasters

Natural elements are no newcomers to the world of interior design, but recently, they've moved themselves to the forefront of the trends. With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, repurposing, and hand-made goods, its no wonder we are seeing more and more of these textural pieces.

handwoven seagrass baskets

Hand woven rugs, rattan tables, driftwood décor, and even dried florals are some common pieces making up this trend. Abalone shell, mother of pearl, and capiz are being used in lighting, inlayed in furniture, and adorning decorative boxes. Thanks to what is typically a neutral color palette, natural elements tend to blend with most décor styles.

Traditional style uses more of the decorative finishes such as mother of pearl and bone, while a more modern design may favor the use of hair on hide or smooth stone.

bone frames
stone fireplace

Scandinavian design and the trend towards minimalism brings back the use of natural wood.

Scandinavian design

The bohemian style has always used an excess of textural elements, and now you'll find many of those textures draw from nature--sheepskin rugs, hand planed tables, seagrass baskets, and pampas grass, just to name a few. 

bohemian decor

What we're loving about this trend:

"As someone who loves texture, natural elements are staple pieces in my designs. I love the ability to add dimension to a space without going over the top with patterns or colors."

- Alyssa

"I always tell my clients that in order to create a balanced and serene room, they have to find a way to bring the outdoors in. Sometimes that can be with color, other times art, but with natural elements added into their room's design, this becomes even easier!"

- Angie

What to be on the lookout for in order to utilize this trend for timeless décor:

- Well made products using durable materials, something that will last you for a long time

- Handcrafted pieces--these unique pieces will always be timeless

- Something you love--your design style should always include items that you are drawn to. That's what makes it uniquely yours!


Saturated Color

amber sofa

Every season, there tends to be a few colors that stand out among all of the others. This fall we are seeing several saturated colors popping up: Amber, Navy, Olive, and Mocha.

amber vases
navy vasesolive
Expect to see these colors pop up more often in textiles, pottery, and even holiday décor. These colors are perfect for fall, with the changing colors of the trees and the cooler temperatures. What we're seeing with these colors is that the heavily saturated variations almost reflect a jeweled tone palette.

What we're loving about this trend:

"These colors are classic staples that have been popular for a long time, but I love the depth of color we are seeing this time around. These colors also pair well with each other, which makes it fun to design with!"

- Alyssa

"I love that these saturated colors blend easily into different styles, as opposed to trying to add a bright and bold color."

- Angie

What to be on the lookout for in order to utilize this trend for timeless décor:

- Anytime a color becomes "trendy" it can be easy to dive in too deep and overuse the new palette. Instead, try to add one of the colors to your current palette as an accent color. 

- When using colors that are heavily saturated, you need to pair them with other heavily saturated colors to create balance.

- Because colors pop in and out of trends, a fun way to change up your palette with each trend is to use the new colors as part of your seasonal décor. That way you can switch back to your classic colors after the season is over, but you also get to have fun playing with the trends!

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