Fall 2021 Collections Sneak Peek

Fall 2021 Collections Sneak Peek
"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde
As this crazy summer comes to an end, I can't help but to have a sliver of hope for the changing of seasons. I know we aren't finished with the incredibly strange rollercoaster that we've been forced to ride since 2020, but something about  the shift in nature fills me with new hope. Fall has always been my favorite season and somehow always seems to put my mind at ease. Maybe it's the cooler temperatures or the painted leaves that shift my mindset, but whatever it is, I am grateful to have at least a moment of peace and clarity. As we designed our Fall Collections this year, I think that longing for tranquility was on our minds. We found ourselves drawn to a mixture of muted and deeply saturated colors filled with textures and touches of warmth. Take a peek at our upcoming collections we've curated to help fill your homes with a touch of hope, clarity, and peace.
Our Fall Collections will be live in store and online Thursday, September 2nd. Comment below and let us know which collection you are most excited to see!
Autumn Forest Collection Mood Board
Inspired by the deep saturated colors of an Autumn Forest, this collection pulls its colors straight from nature. This earthy palette makes it easy to incorporate your seasonal items with your everyday décor.
Gourd-geous Collection Mood Board
Varying textures take this classic fall color palette to a new level. With shades of green, orange, and gold, this collection replicates the colors of the falling leaves.
Sage Vineyard Collection Mood Board
Escape deep into the vineyards with this calming collection. Defined by shades of plum, mauve, and sage, this color palette gives a sophisticated touch to autumn.
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  • Connie McDavid

    I like it all, but especially the Autumn Forest. My favorite color is always Green!

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