Custom Window Treatments: Enhancing Your Living Space

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A beautiful window treatment complements a room by adding style and color, while finishing off the room’s design. But, not all window treatments are equal. To create that high style, polished look, a custom window treatment is a must. There are several reasons why that is the case.

Most store bought window treatments can come in standard sizes, but it is often the case that the windows in your room are each slightly different in size. Because of that, a standard pre-made curtain never fits the window exactly. Customizing your blinds and shades to the correct size not only offers more coverage, but gives you a tailored and more sophisticated design.

Custom window treatments are considered an investment, like a sofa or piece of furniture, because they are meant to last for a long time. The fabrics and materials used in custom window treatments are higher quality and add to that upscale ambiance and design.

Custom designs help tailor each window treatment to your unique style. The fabric can be matched to your walls to blend right into your room or you can pick from hundreds of colors, designs, and textures to create your own look that makes a room stand out. The window treatment can also be more neutral, bringing in more of a textural feel to the room.

Masking problem areas around a window is another great reason for using window treatments. For example, certain window treatments can help with energy efficiency if your windows are older. Also, if your windows are short and you want a little more height, the drapery can be raised above the window frame to make them appear larger. In the same way, stacking the drapery from the window frame outward can give the illusion that your windows are wider than they are, giving the windows more presence in the room.

Custom window treatments are great options to enhance the quality of your room’s design, but also add warmth and polish to a room. With the unlimited possibilities in style, design, colors, and options, the sky’s the limit to creating a sophisticated, well-thought out space.

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