A Quick Guide To Traditional Design

A Quick Guide To Traditional Design Blog

Traditional Design is recognized by its dark woods, ornate detailing, and elegant styling. This style has stood the test of time and is considered a classic. Antiques and family heirlooms are paired with tufted furniture, wall and ceiling moldings and details, and are often paired with jewel tones or warm neutral colors. Accent pieces are made of marble, brass, and carved woods.


Traditional Home Décor

The color palette used in traditional design is comprised of subtle neutrals, earth tones, and jewel tones. Pops of color can be used but all colors tend to have a mild saturation level.

Traditional Design Color Palette

Traditional design uses many patterns including florals, stripes, plaids, animal prints, and damasks. These patterns are mixed and matched in varying sizes in order to create interest in these spaces. You'll find these patterns on furniture, pillows, rugs, wallpaper, and artwork.

Traditional Design Patterns

Many fabrics used in traditional design utilize the patterns listed above, often in a tone on tone coloration. Fabrics used in this design style include heavy cotton, wool, velvet, leather, fur, and silks. Layer fabrics to create a luxurious, ornate feeling.

Traditional Fabrics


When thinking of finishes used in the traditional design style, think warm, heavy, and antiqued. Dark, warm, rich woods like mahogany, cherry, and walnut are often used on flooring or furniture. Antique silver and aged brass are often used in décor accessories. Warm toned marble is used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even on furniture.

Traditional Style Finishes

Architectural Images

Architectural elements help define traditional design. Walls are decorated with wainscotting, oversized baseboards, chair rails, and crown moldings. Ceilings are more ornate, often coffered, and are decorated with ceiling medallions and decorative chandeliers. Decorative moldings around doors and windows are also accentuated in traditional design.

 Traditional Décor Architectural Elements


It's all about details when it comes to furniture in traditional design. Turned legs, skirted chaises, tufted sofas, decorative nail heads, and carved details easily define a piece of furniture as traditional. 

Traditional Furniture

The ornate details of traditional design follow into the realm of accessories as well. Antique silver platters, embroidered tablecloths, extravagant candelabras and detailed wall sconces can be found detailing the space. Warmth is brought in with layered window treatments, ornamental rugs, and vintage art, often displayed in large decorative frames. Leather trays, floral arrangements, and hardcover books are often used as well. 
Traditional Décor Accessories
Interior Design styles often transform into other, similar styles. Traditional design is also similar to the Transitional style, Grandmillennial, and New Traditional. 
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