9 Steps to Redesign Your Main Floor

kitchen island

​Planning for a whole first floor redesign can be daunting due to the fact that a wide range of items need to be selected and coordinated all together. It is not as hard as it seems, just take it one step at a time. Now, because each project is totally different from the next, this isn’t a hard-fast rule nor do you need to follow this exactly, just use this as a guide to help organize your steps for designing and selecting. This list starts with the most important items first.

step one
Think about which of your current cabinets, furniture, artwork, or personal mementos you are planning on keeping. Deciding on these items would be your first decision. They are instrumental in the other selections you will be making.
step two
Choose the color or theme for the main area.
The color for the other rooms can come when more decisions are made in each room. The items you keep will possibly help determine your color or theme choice. If you can narrow down your color scheme, your decision making in all areas becomes easier.
step 3
Pick your cabinets-kitchen and/or bathroom
I would also pick countertops material for both areas at this time.
step 4
Choose your flooring- wood, carpet or tile.
This could be one choice for the whole floor or several choices if you change up flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. Any furniture or cabinet pieces you are keeping will affect those color choices.
step 5
Next, decide on your major pieces-sofas, buffets, dressers, and tables.
Make your choices for these items based on the overall scheme you have already pulled together.
step 6
Choose your wall treatments-paint, bead board, shiplap, wallpaper.
I would pick out any fireplace surrounds and any backsplash material at this time also.
step 7
Next up is lighting.
This includes general or overall lighting, task lighting such as lamps, pendants and ambient lighting which includes uplights and wall washers.
step 8
Design your window treatments-cornices, panels, shades, and blinds.
This category is incredibly detailed and there are a myriad of options. which is why I would recommend seeking a professional to help with this selection.
step 9
Lastly, select your artwork, pictures, mirrors, accessories, rugs and pillows.
All the little finishing touches that create warmth to your room and add your personal touches.
Hopefully, this has helped you get organized.

​Have fun!
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